Term and Conditions: Important, please read closely.

  • By entering a submission to the Rising Angel Broadcast, you agree to all of the terms and conditions stated below and herein.
  • You are establishing an enforceable agreement with Alita Ventures Inc., and therefore are responsible for understanding all these terms and abiding by them. If you do not understand a term, please contact us.

  • You are giving Alita Ventures Inc., its licensees, successors, assigns, and any other parties succeeding or authorized by it (collectively, “Alita Ventures”) certain rights with regard to intellectual property that makes up your submission.

  • With regard to your submission, you agree to give Alita Ventures a perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive license to use, publicly perform, publicly display, copy, distribute, and create derivative works of your submission.
  • You warrant that all copyrighted material–music, pictures, web content, videos, art, graphic design, etc. (this is not an exhaustive list, rather it is exemplary)—is either owned by you, or that you have express written permission to use any copyrighted material found in your submission.
  • You agree, that in the event that the previous bullet point turns out to be not true (you have infringed someone else’s copyrights), to indemnify and hold harmless Alita Ventures for any claims or threat of claim against the same, and that you will pay for (first), or reimburse (last resort), all costs associated with defending any such claims against Alita Ventures for violation of another’s copyright as a result of your submission.
  • You warrant that you have full consent and permission from all people who appear in any identifiable manner in your submission to use their persona in your submission, their knowing and understanding that their image or likeness may be used commercially.
  • You agree to hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless Alita Ventures from any and all claims, including, without limitation, claims for damages for libel, infringement of rights of publicity, invasion of privacy, portrayal in a false light, or any other claim from any person based on use of your submission.
  • Any and all disputes arising from your submission shall be first attempted to be resolved by a mediator in San Francisco, in person or through electronic and phone communication.
  • The parties agree San Francisco law applies to this agreement, and that all federal and state courts of San Francisco shall have subject matter jurisdiction of this agreement.
  • This is the entire agreement with respect to the parties, and all other communications about this matter are not a part of this agreement.
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